Wild Planes

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Wild Planes is a pop/rock band based out of New York City consisting of Lead Singer/Guitarist Kris Carmello, Lead Guitarist Sean Mac, Bassist Jimmy “Ray” Hoag, and Drummer Andre Jevnik. Being labeled as a fun band with an unmatched energy and a big personality, Wild Planes is on the rise in the music industry. Blending elements of pop, rock, funk, and R&B, Wild Planes is creating timeless music that everybody can enjoy.

Wild Planes was founded in 2015 by Andre and Kris. Jimmy and Sean were added prior to a number of large gigs that were coming up for the band in early 2016. The instant chemistry between the four is what makes the band such a contagious good time. The fellas have been inseparable and unstoppable since their first rehearsal together in January of 2016.

Their debut EP “On The Rocks” was released in September of 2016 and consists of four fan favorites “Not Too Young To Die”, “Tell Nobody”, “Another Lover”, and “Lonely”. The band has spent much of the 2016 Summer touring the East Coast and Midwest of the United States on their “Hearts of Fire Tour”. Notable shows consists of opening for CeeLo Green, Alive@Five Stamford, The Gramercy Theatre, Irving Plaza, Highline Ballroom, and many many more. The band is currently promoting their recent release of their EP as well as writing, recording, and performing. The boys have been vigorously working on getting their name out there by networking, performing, and meeting new fans across the country. The band released their single “Show Me Another Way” in February 2018 which is available everywhere worldwide.

Wild Planes is coming to a city near you!

“There is no plausible reason why within the next year this band cannot be international stars”
– Total Order Magazine