Nicolas Emden

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He began his journey into music by the age of 6 singing and playing religious and traditional folk music from the south of his country. Between 2002 and 2014 he completed his first degree in music at Escuela Moderna de Música in Santiago and participated in several and very diverse artistic projects, in which primarily are the Chilean Indie folk-rock band TEJADO PIMIENTO (2006-2012), with whom he published 2 studio albums ( 2007, and 2010), and participated in the famous TV program Garage Music 2008 (Canal 13) and several national festivals and tours such as Movistar Tour 2009, with audiences of around 10-15.000 people. On a different field, he’s also been part of different Musical Theater productions in the professional music field of Santiago, as a music director, conductor and singer/actor.

He’s first solo album was published in Chile on 2014 and produced by the renowned producer Claudio Quiñones. Its second single SOLO TENGO OJOS PARA TI is still programed in many radios of Santiago and other cities of the country. From this album also comes the Indie Documentary/Tour COMO LOS PÁJAROS X CHILE (2014), an 8 chapters YouTube documentary recorded on a motorhome one month travel, performing in public spaces of some of the most important cities of the country. Between those years, he was also invited by the Chilean-Canadian band COLOR VIOLETA (music from Violeta Parra,, as a guest singer for lots of their concerts in Chile, Bolivia and Canada.

In 2014 he moved to the United States, to study voice, music direction and conducting for Musical Theater and other contemporary music ensembles at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. There, he’ve had the chance to participate in world class shows with outstanding artists such as A.R. Rahman at the Boston Symphony Hall, vocal recording sessions with the Grammy-winner Irish composer Bill Whelan, and the Broadway hit Musical IN THE HEIGHTS performed at the Berklee Performance Center in November 2016.

Between South America, the U.S. and Canada, Emden has been part of many and very diverse music projects, all of which have managed to leave a mark on his music. is the result of years of collectives projects that went from folk music, rock, classic and contemporary Music Theater to his entrance to Berklee College of Music in Boston. This diversity of culture, music, people and style brought in a project in which one of its primary focuses is to connect people from all around the world communicating in one only and universal language, music.

His band, The Resonancia, formed at the beginning of 2016 in Boston Massachusetts, is composed by people from all around the globe (Korea, Indonesia, Scotland, Mexico, Colombia, Georgia and Chile, among others). Only in 2016 they’ve had more than 30 performances around Boston, New York, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia.

“In a separated world like ours, music is a language that can join us back together, forgetting our difference and remembering our similarities